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 Doctors of the Globe Inc. 

Medecins Du Globe

​Bridging the gap in Health Care Disparity one person at a time

IEN # 51-0662402

Doctors Of The Globe/ Medecins Du Globe (DOTG/MDG) is (a non profit, 501 (c) (3), christian based organization) aiming at Bringing Global Health Awareness one person at a time, while Bridging the gap in Health care disparity. Our goal is to set up clinics all over the globe to provide Preventive and Integrative Health Care Services to people living in underserved areas. 

Mission statements - We are committed to addressing the problem of HIV and AIDS for today and for the future of our world by advocating and instituting prevention, education, projects targetting specific audiences and designed to bring about behavior changes. 

Executive profiles -  Dr. Marlène Trusiak President and Executive Officer of Doctors of The Globe, Inc/ Medecins Du Globe since 2012.  She became a Doctor of Public Health (PhD) in 2018. Her education includes a Masters degree in health Administration, Masters Certificate in Gerontology, Bachelor degree in Health Sciences, and Registered Nurse.  

Dr. Trusiak is responsible for overseeing services provided in Southern California, including work overseas (Haiti in particular). She is responsible for recruitment, selection, and hiring of volunteers; Fund raising, DOTG programs, labor relations; risk management and safety; training and organizational development; and employee performance management.
Dr. Trusiak founded DOTG in 2012 after visiting Haiti post earthquake of 2010. Seeing the devastation of the local hospitals, sick people living in tents, diagnosed and undiagnosed people in need of services sparked an interest. Upon returning to the United States, Dr. Trusiak decided  she will start a way to supply HIV/AIDS education to the much in need people but also to provide a stipend for nutrition including nutrition education. She focuses on getting the diagnosed people to follow health management and education as well as safe housing. The latest program in effect is to help the needy find suitable living accomodations and work.  Dr. Trusiak has lots of experience in the private and sectors serving as Director of clinical services for Allure Medical Staffing, Inc.  and previously, he served as Board at Advantage ElderCare Consultant. Dr. Trusiak worked as an RN for many years in different specialties prior to going to medical school. Additionally, she serves the local community through her church Saddleback church. 


Dr. Trusiak is: Registered Disaster Healthcare Volunteer

During a State or national disaster, (e.g., an earthquake severe weather event, or public health emergency), medical/health officials at the State Emergency Operations Center of my county will contact me and make a request for my service. If I agree to deploy, I will be turned to the appropriate field operational officials.


Dr. Trusiak is: Media Trained

Dr. Trusiak is trained & Certified: To be called on by the media to give perspectives on ethical questions triggered by changing medical technology, as well as general health topics. From Congressional testimony to network television. General Media Work: Polyglot Television, Radio, Live Platforms, Motivational speaker, & News broadcasting/Commentator.


Dr Trusiak has: Advanced Leadership Training

SALT, a monthly gathering that encourages, equips, and inspires her to be a more effective leader all around.

Dr. Trusiak is a self proclaimed Citizen of the globe. Serving God. Serving her community with a desire to help shape  the future of the world. One Globe united !!!

Dr Trusiak is supported by a board of 4 and 20 (including drop ins) volunteers int he USA and Haiti.

Company policies – Respect for all people.


While promoting health awareness one person at a time, DOTG/MDG  received good citizen     

                                  and excellence awards from the following  affiliates:                                  

Advantage ElderCare Consulting 

Allure Medical  Staffing, Inc..

These  organizations have served Southern California since 1996 and 1999  respectively. They are in good standing with the Better Business  Bureau. Doctors of the Globe is in good standing with the Secretary of  State, and the Department of Justice Registry of Charitable Trusts.  Better Business Bureau and continuously seeking new outlets and better  ways to achieve our goals to get healthcare for the underserved.


Please join us in the quest for a better life for all through EDUCATION, disease PREVENTION and ACCESS to health care for ALL.