Health information technology is equally central.

Electronic data  record systems to improve continuity of services, care and improve  cost-effectiveness by enabling us to track people also by a buddy  system.   

The  broader array of prevention and wellness measures are equally essential  to health and well-being. By some measures tuberculosis, diabetes ,  high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS and prevalent major chronic illnesses. 

We want to increase prompt intervention for incidence of adult-onset disorders. 

We will do diabetes screening and management referrals for all at risk individual.  

We also include funds for the prevention of HIV, sexually-transmitted infection, and tuberculosis. 

Global  aid in these critical areas is of great importance. A variety of  evidence-based interventions could be quickly implemented to address  these public health challenges within the range appropriated in the  clinic setting.

A StepUp program- Helping the homeless to become employable.


Monthly homeless breakfast. Every  1st and 5th Sunday of every Month we have a homeless breakfast  available to all in need. Furthermore we provide distribution of  seasonal items: water, socks, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, clothing items  (such as sweaters and coats) and backpacks. 

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